CBBH Photo Challenge: I Spy with my Little Eye

East of Malaga’s July CBBH challenge is as follows:

Do you remember the childrens’ guessing game “I Spy with my little eye“?

Often used in answer to cries of “Are we nearly there yet?” during a long car journey or whilst waiting for an appointment, this game not only encourages participants to actively look out for items related to the game, but also to home in on the world around them.

Imagine though, that as well as looking through your own eyes, you were encouraged to appreciate the point of view of others.  To develop the ability to imagine what life would be like if we were not constrained by our own vantage point.

For this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge, my question to you is: “WHAT DO YOU SPY WITH YOUR LITTLE EYE?”  Show me something either wholly from your point of view, or alternatively imagine what something would be like from someone else’s point of view.

Having just returned from France and specifically having this challenge in mind while I was over there, I decided to post some pictures from the point of view of an outsider looking at French daily life. This was a constant theme as I went about taking pictures all over Paris and Brittany. I decided that for the first time, I wouldn’t focus on just cathedrals, churches, abbeys, chateaus, small villages and sleepy seaside towns. This time I would focus on France’s culture and its people as best as I could (and allowed to).

On my second day in Paris I sat in the hotel’s tiny dining area as my daughter slept. I was having my breakfast and watching people walk by. I noticed the tourists, children, old folk, young folk, business men and business women, people from all walks of life coming and going. I observed their fashion sense, what they carried, the speed of their gait, their facial features and their overall demeanor. I was a pure observer looking through a window at another world beyond my own. I wondered where they were going, where they were coming from and what they were thinking. I wondered how similar we all are and yet how vastly different. Everyone I saw walk by was in their own little world. For a few seconds as they passed by my field of view, I saw them through this looking glass. A moment later they were gone, never to be seen again in my lifetime.

I spied with my little eye:

The woman who went food shopping…
The shopper keeper who is opening up his shop and starting the day while the woman who passes him by is off to do an errand…
A woman pulling a cart filled with produce…
The musician off to practice...
A musician off to practice…
A woman on her way to the boulangerie…
A retired grandmother with thoughts of her grandchildren…
An old woman who still has much work to do...
An old woman who still has much work to do…
Tourists getting an early morning start...
Tourists getting an early morning start…
A young lady off to work…

As part of the challenge, I must include the links of two blogs that I recently commented on. The first is a newcomer to the WordPress blogosphere. With only three posts under her belt, lynseyloves.wordpress.com is a site you should keep your eye on. She fuses food, photography and art to create a well designed blog dedicated to creativity and design.

Keeping the food theme going, the second site is serifandspice.wordpress.com. According to Michaela, serifandspice is “cooking with a splash of design, and a pinch of random ramblings – a graphic designers life of cooking and eating gluten free.”

One thought on “CBBH Photo Challenge: I Spy with my Little Eye

  1. Excellent take on this theme – with GREAT photos 🙂

    I’m glad I really made you think. It’s good to put yourself in someone else’s shoes – even if only for a few minutes – isn’t it?

    Thanks for the links to two blogs you enjoy – I’ll HOP right over there 🙂

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