CBBH Photo Challenge: Knobs & Knockers

Marianne of East of Málaga …. and more! has given us a challenge for the month of May to find pictures of knobs and knockers.  She writes:

Forget bells and intercoms – this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge is all about decorative door furniture, to make an entrance look perfect.

Of course, the purpose of a door knocker is to let the householder know there is someone at the door, but at some point in history they took on shape and symbolic meaning. I’ve seen protective dogs and lions, honorary wreaths, severed hands, mythological references to Medusa and Cleopatra, as well as elegant and ornate displays of wealth in polished brass.

I want to thank Cathy of A Nomad in the Land of Nizwa for alerting me to this challenge just in the nick of time (got this post in on the last day)! Go ahead and check out her blog, it’s fantastic!

In my travels to France, I’ve learned to really pay attention to the fine details in just about everything in this beautiful country. In the past few years, I’ve noticed the many beautiful doors, knobs and knockers that adorn French homes and began snapping away a pictures when given the chance. These few are perfect for this month’s challenge.

As part of the challenge, you have to introduce two blogs that you like. It’s very hard to just pick two because there are so many awesome blogs out there, especially WordPress blogs. I already mentioned Cathy’s blog above but the next one you should take a look at is Alien shores. I recently started to follow this blog after catching some fantastic photos taken of the night sky with a telescope and DSLR attached. Since then I’ve come back to this blog again and again.


2 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: Knobs & Knockers

  1. Welcome to the CBBH Photo Challenge, Nando.

    I wonder if a fisherman lives as the house with the fish door knocker? Very unusual! Love your collection of photos – well done!

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy. I ‘m familiar with both of them, but I’m sure my readers will be glad to add them to their list of new blogs to visit.

    Hope you will join with June’s CBBH Photo Challenge – Same Subject, Different Time.

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