Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns in Nature

Mother Nature is the best designer of all…

When you think of patterns you think of man-made patterns (at least I do), something made deliberately for artistic purposes or for functionality. The crowded streets in major metropolitan cities are laid out in intricate patterns as well as the building themselves as architects imagine and then create structures both large and small in interesting shapes and designs. There is a purpose in laying out streets in a grid as well as designing different types of treads on car tires. Patterns also make our clothing more striking, colorful and aesthetically pleasing while suiting our own individual tastes.

But mother nature is the best designer of all with all its shapes, colors and patterns naturally permeating everything on this planet. From the feather of a majestic bald eagle, the fur of a spotted or stripped tiger, the hardshell of a tortoise, the leaves and flowers of the fauna to the incredibly complex spiral, double-helix DNA that’s shared among all of us.

I am in constant awe at the natural beauty around us. How did all of this come to be? This can’t possibly be random or by mere chance. Or is there a great Architect in the universe with purposeful design?

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