Free Comic Book Day at The Spider’s Web in Yonkers

Opening day for The Spider’s Web on Free Comic Book Day.

Today is Free Comic Book Day! After reading a quick blurb on BleedingCool’s website, I grabbed my iPhone and decided to drive to the new comic store and show my support to this new small business in our community. I also wanted to pick up a few free comic books for my daughter. Earlier that morning I had dropped by the local shop in Riverdale but the owner was not very friendly and gruffly stated that I can only have the free comic books that he chooses after I was done perusing the store. He wasn’t the warmest of fellows.

As I left, the crowd got larger and larger as more customers dropped in.

Driving by I see Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man and Iron Man dancing in front of the store. The music was blaring as the costumed greeters enthusiastically waved to both traffic and pedestrians passing by.

The Spider's Web gets a little help from the webslinger himself!
The Spider’s Web gets a little help from the webslinger himself!

IMG_3567The place was actually jammed with parents, fanboys and kids looking at the comics on the racks and taking as many free comics that were laid out on the table. The place was spacious, brightly lit and very inviting. Not only were there comic books but there was also movie posters, games, toys and collectible busts, miniatures and high-priced statues.

The shelves are mostly filled but as you can see, they still have much to go and stock the bins.


Spider-Man and Bat-Girl stepped out from behind the bat symbol.



Free comics on the table (and more underneath)!
Paul, the shop’s owner, was definitely multi-tasking today!

At the front was Paul, the shop’s owner. He was busy tending to customers and giving special attention to the kids, answering their questions. I could tell that friends and family were also in the shop lending their support. I spoke to him briefly and he was very friendly, even posing for a pic after I told him that I would give him a quick write up on my blog. He was a extremely appreciative and humbled by it.

IMG_3561 |

I don’t frequent comic book stores much but when I do, THIS is the place that I’ll go to. This is how it’s done right. Be courteous and friendly to the customers and have a great variety of superb merchandise on hand.

If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by The Spider’s Web located on 887 Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY. Pick up a few comics, flip through some graphic novels or simply drop in to hang out and say what’s up to Paul. If not, visit

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