Freiburg From Above

IMG_3908This past summer I visited Germany for the first time. The first city I visited was Freiburg, a beautiful idyllic little town whose massive cathedral, Freiburg Minster lies in the center of it. As we climbed the steps to the belfry on this rainy day, I would take a break here and there to snap away some pics. I looked down and wondered what was going on as I watched workers set up for some big event that was transpiring that very evening. Cars and vans transported boxes, cases and other equipment as tents were erected.

The whole scene resembled a toy set with its brightly colored vehicles and buildings as various workers milled about.

I’ll post more pictures of Freiburg and its cathedral at a later date. For now, this was the perfect shot for this week’s Photo Challenge.

16 thoughts on “Freiburg From Above

    1. Didn’t think of it that way! The minute I took it I knew it would be a perfect candidate for the tilt-shift effect. Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Make sure you eat the sausage/hot dog from the truck at the base of the church and be prepared to climb the steps! Well worth it!

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