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Spectators and costumed fans gather about for some cosplay fun.
Spectators and costumed fans gather about for some cosplay fun.

For this week’s photo challenge, Aaron Joel Santos has asked the WordPress community for our interpretation of culture. Immediately I thought of my own Dominican roots and figured that I could go out into the Washington Heights community in New York City and snap away some very interesting street pics. Perhaps I’ll leave it for another post. I could also dive into my archives and search for photos on French culture as I’ve been very well immersed in it for several years now thanks to my in-laws in France.

But as Aaron stated, our picture has to incite some form of curiosity, asking the viewer to go further and look deeper, inquiring as to what’s going on in the image. This picture above was taken last October at the NY Comic Con and I remember seeing large crowds gathered around this crowd. I had no idea what was happening but everyone was snapping away with their cameras or mobile phones. Something was going on in the center with the five ladies. More were standing behind them against a wall while those above looked on. Whatever was going on, they were having a lot of fun!

In the past several years, geek culture has steadily become more and more mainstream. No longer on the fringe, mocked or ridiculed, geeks from all walks of life, ethnicity and gender, unite and show strength in numbers with their enthusiasm, creativity, passion and most importantly, their wallets. They are a huge and powerful community in our society and everyone has not only taken notice but also takes them very seriously (well, most of the time). Hollywood and mainstream media has come to respect this fun and vibrant culture and for good reason. It’s a big business with incredible creativity that results in billions of dollars. Yes, geek is now chic.

Some famous geeks: The late Steve Jobs, Steve Hawking, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Vin Diesel (yes, the Fast and Furious actor – he played Dungeons & Dragons heavily!), Joss Whedon (’nuff said), Whil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Steven Spielberg, Nathan Fillion and Simon Pegg to name a few. The kid that was picked on and bullied is now the multi-million dollar powerhouse in social media, technology, and films & television.

I love the tongue-and-cheek humor used to describe the difference between geek/nerd/dork by Great White Shark. He uses this venn diagram to describe the difference. Not to be taken too seriously folks.

Venn diagram courtesy of Great White Shark.

For fun, head out to and take their The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test. Here are my own results:

Screenshot_4_27_13_3_11_PM-2Obviously this isn’t a scientifically accurate assessment here but I’m cool with the results. Now if I can use my vast intelligence to somehow wrangle a million dollars!

4 thoughts on “Geek Culture

    1. Whaaat?! Comic Con started several years ago as a small gathering of comic book enthusiasts. It now has turned into a mega multimedia event showcasing movies, video games, gaming, various vendors and of course, comic books and their various creators. Many complain that is now less about the artists and more about Hollywood cramming their style.

      The largest Comic Con is in San Diego and it’s usually in the summer ( The second biggest (slowly gaining on San Diego’s) is New York ( You can’t go wrong with either one!

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