I love Cheri’s post on illumination, describing how certain types of light invoke inspiration or how it serves a functional purpose in our every day life. For a photographer, he can manipulate it, shape it, enhance it or obscure it. Light is a photographer’s playground and his photographs live and die by it.

Instead of focusing on the light per se (excuse the pun), I opted instead to not only show the light, the source of illumination but the object in which it bathes. I can think of no other city – other than my beloved New York City – that shows off its beautiful illuminations, especially when the sun goes down than the City of Lights itself, Paris!

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    • Hey Zen! Thanks for dropping by! I’ve visited a few places stateside and overseas but I STILL feel that I haven’t seen much of the world. I would like to visit Africa and Australia as well as someday (crossing fingers) China, Japan and the Philippines.

      • Wow, I am from the Philippines. I haven’t visited any countries outside, however, I travel the country a lot. 🙂 I hope you choose to travel here as well. You’ll enjoy here. 🙂

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