I love Cheri’s post on illumination, describing how certain types of light invoke inspiration or how it serves a functional purpose in our every day life. For a photographer, he can manipulate it, shape it, enhance it or obscure it. Light is a photographer’s playground and his photographs live and die by it.

Instead of focusing on the light per se (excuse the pun), I opted instead to not only show the light, the source of illumination but the object in which it bathes. I can think of no other city – other than my beloved New York City – that shows off its beautiful illuminations, especially when the sun goes down than the City of Lights itself, Paris!

10 thoughts on “Illumination

    1. Hey Zen! Thanks for dropping by! I’ve visited a few places stateside and overseas but I STILL feel that I haven’t seen much of the world. I would like to visit Africa and Australia as well as someday (crossing fingers) China, Japan and the Philippines.

      1. Wow, I am from the Philippines. I haven’t visited any countries outside, however, I travel the country a lot. 🙂 I hope you choose to travel here as well. You’ll enjoy here. 🙂

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