Resolved to Write More, A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Putting pen to paper, literally and electronically...
Putting pen to paper, literally and electronically…

I don’t like making New Year’s resolutions. They are almost always prone to be broken. I’d rather make small, realistic and yet attainable goals that I can manage. Years ago I had set out to write more often and thus the birth of this blog. It seems though that I am posting more pictures on it and participating in these fun photo challenges than writing anything worthwhile. I often get an idea for a post and then start writing it, ultimately pushing it off to the side to complete later. From there that piece is doomed to be in draft mode until I finally delete it from the WordPress servers.

Not only will I set the goal of posting more often on WordPress (and not just pictures) but actually writing more stuff off-line. I still have plans of publishing that awesome graphic novel my best friend and I created years ago. Although now that he’s gone – and his fantastic artwork as well – this task is looking more and more herculean in nature. But what I would love to do is write a novel someday. Baby steps I tell myself. And write, write, WRITE! For now, research, reading and collecting bits and pieces of seed ideas will have to do.

6 thoughts on “Resolved to Write More, A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

    1. But at least I see that you DO write about your photos and that’s a start. Do it the other way around: find something worthwhile to write about and simply add a photo of your own to enhance the reading experience.

    1. Then in that case, let’s stop dilly-dallying and procrastination and get going! Corral that muse and start writing! I’ll cheer you on and you do the same, deal?

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