My 2012 in Pictures

In just a few days we’ll say goodbye to 2012 and I will be very happy to do so. Although the year started off well for me initially, with the summer being the highlight as I traveled to France, Germany and the UK, it ended rather terribly. Superstorm Sandy pretty much devastated the northeast, causing much destruction and even deaths up along the northeastern coast. All I lost was internet connectivity and suffered intermittent power loss but that was nothing compared to what others are still going through.

The November elections offered a slight reprieve, if only momentarily from the steady barrage of vitriol directed against each political party and pitting fellow American against fellow American. Throughout the campaign, my best friend who was a staunch Republican often debated and discussed politics with me (a staunch Democrat) in a highly civilized and even jovial way. We were a living example on how two people can have a normal discourse on politics and not hate each other. We simply listened to one another and agreed to disagree.

Twelve days later, I lost him, my best friend and brother. This year ended terribly and ever since his passing, my days have never been the same. The horrific Newtown CT massacre and the subsequent shooting which left two firemen dead in upstate NY did not help matters at all.

Life goes on however (contrary to the Mayans) and I hope and pray – as we always do – that the new year will usher in better and brighter things than the previous one did.

Thank you all for dropping by and reading my posts and checking out my pictures. May your New Year be a happy, prosperous and safe one.

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