Surprise: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Chrysalis no more...
Chrysalis no more…

While doing a presentation a few months ago at a school, one of the teachers attending the professional development workshop brought in a butterfly container with a small cocoon hanging from within. She wanted it to be next to her when the butterfly emerged because she wanted to snap a picture of it for her son. She had a feeling that it would emerge on this very day. Well, sure enough while in the middle of my workshop, the darn thing broke free from it’s chrysalis. clearly being upstaged by this beautiful creature, I allowed a small pause while we all marveled at it.

This was the first time I’ve ever seen it happen live. It was really cool and a welcomed surprise this morning. I was able to snap a quick pic before the teacher hurried off to a nearby window to let it fly away.

2 thoughts on “Surprise: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Monarch butterflies are AMAZING! About 2 months ago I was completly enamored by them, and am amazing how even scientists have difficult explaining their complicated life cycles

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