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my beautiful instagram profile at

Today I stumbled upon a story on CNET regarding instagram and how they’re now starting to slowly roll out user profiles for the web this week. Immediately after reading this post, I went to to see if I was one of the lucky ones to have a web profile up and was greeted with the following page:

Bummed out, I tried my daughter’s and her profile wasn’t up yet. Figuring it would be up sooner or later during the week, I went about my business. Several hours later, just before going to bed, I decided to give it another try and see if it was up and lo and behold, it was!

So far I love what Instagram has done and secretly wished that Yahoo’s Flickr had a more snazzier online presence. I started to click around and see what I could do and what information I could glean from my profile. I was very pleased with the layout but wished they had rolled out some other features as well. I will assume that these features will be coming soon as more and more people have their profiles activated. Here are just a few things I would’ve liked to have seen on day one:

  • #hashtags links to other similar pictures. has this feature as well as other instagram sites.
  • A link should be available for users that like your photos to their web profile. It could be that those I’ve clicked on are not yet available. If users make a comment however, you can click on their username and be taken to their profile.
  • When clicking on a location, a map should open up. Right now, this is not available. Nowhere on my profile do I see the map feature.
  • The ability to download individual photos from users.
  • The ability to upload your photos from your computer. Granted, the lack of this feature is what makes Instagram unique, forcing users to use their phones to take quick yet interesting pictures and upload them via cell phone.
There are some missing features but I’m highly confident that Instagram will introduce these perks as they refine web profiles in the upcoming weeks.

I like what I see so far. Let’s see what other improvements they’ll make in the coming weeks. If you’re an instagram user, go to[yourusername] and see if you have a profile up.

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