Sailing Free Spirit – A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

After dropping us off landside, the captain of the Sarah Love returns home for the evening.

Free spirit. When I think of being a free spirit I think about someone who lives by their own rules, who does whatever they wish and pursues their dreams, desires and goals with total abandon with little regard to what anyone thinks or says. We all aspire to be free spirits and follow life’s simple pursuits and ultimately be happy. Alas, that’s not me right now. I truly wish I was there but I fear that won’t happen for several years.

My friend “Z” is a retired NYPD detective who now has plenty of time on his hands. Several years ago he purchased a beautiful boat and made it his part-time home away from home. I was given a tour of his beautiful Sarah Love and was totally impressed by it. Inside there was a fully stocked galley, navigation area that doubled as his workspace as well as a small den, a bathroom and two tiny quarters for sleeping. My daughter and I loved it!

I haven’t seen Z in over a year. When I asked his former partner about his whereabouts, I was told that Z had set sail to Florida, possibly the keys or the Caribbean.

I’m no seaman by ANY stretch of the imagination (I have to learn how to swim first!) but I often daydream of owning a boat (or better yet, a large seaplane) and letting the grateful winds guide me lackadaisically about the Earth, far from civilization as I put pen to paper and write the next New York Times bestseller.


14 thoughts on “Sailing Free Spirit – A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Beautiful image and insightful words. Not everything has to be exactly perfect in order for you to have a free spirit life. There are no time lines for having a free spirit soul… you either have it or you don’t. And you definitely have it. I hope you will let go of your fear and start living your free spirit life… 🙂

    1. Emily, thank you so much for those kind words. You are so correct in this. I’ve been looking at it in the wrong way. There shouldn’t be any timelines. Encompassing a free spirit is all about achieving a state of being. Yes, I have to let go of my fear(s) and live life. This is a timely piece of advice for I’ve been undergoing much recently.

      Thanks again, Emily.

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