Dinard Center and Beach

Iconic Dinard with its white and blue striped beach tents.

I got back from vacation a couple of weeks ago and still haven’t posted pictures up of my trip. I’ve been incredibly busy but starting today whenever I can, I will post just a few of the many pictures I took of my European vacation. I traveled to Brittany France to see my family, crossed the entire country of France and over to Freiburg, Germany and then ended our trip in London, just in time to see this city prepare for the 2012 Olympics (and then quickly head out before the madness begins!). Onto the best part of the trip: family in Dinard.

This is Dinard. My home away from home. I have the best extended family and I look forward to seeing them every time I visit. As always we take a couple of days to simply relax here (much eating, drinking and merriment). We take walks around this sleepy coastal town. On this day we took a walk to the center of town and then visited the beach, stopping every so often to take a look at the many villass and houses that dot the coast. We imagine ourselves living in one of these houses, sitting up on a balcony and taking in the sights of the sea, feeling the cool wind wash over us and smelling the brine in the air as we sip on never-ending glasses of red wine.

Ah, I can only dream…

Dark clouds threaten to spoil the fun at the beach.
Heading towards the beach, we pass many local shops.
After walking the empty streets of Dinard and house-gazing, we took these narrow steps and onto the beach.
This balcony offers generous views of the beach and downtown Dinard. Across the sea you can catch a glimpse of St. Malo (church steeple in the horizon).

Beyond that tiny little island where the house is situated on, you’ll find the ile-de-Cezambre. This island is completely uninhabited. This island saw heavy action during WWI and WWII and as a result, is not completely de-mined. Most of the island is a prohibited zone (save for the lone restaurant owned by in-laws and the nearby beach).

Once of my favorites shots, taken with none other than my little iPhone!
La Digue de Dinard

After much walking it was time for some very delicious French ice-cream that seemed to hit just the right spot.
Hotel Royale Emeraude
It was off to the house to have an early dinner with family. We walked through the center of town and enjoyed more window shopping.

St. Enogat is a small commune within Dinard and this is where you’ll find most of the villas. More on this in tomorrow’s post.

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