Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I was going to post this picture much later as part of my road trip series in Brittany, France but this challenge made it the perfect opportunity to enter this shot. I normally don’t take pictures of flowers, it’s not a subjet that interests me and it’s far too easy to do. However, finding this unusual bed of flowers against this backdrop of other boats made it a worthwhile picture. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Dinard Center and Beach

I got back from vacation a couple of weeks ago and still haven’t posted pictures up of my trip. I’ve been incredibly busy but starting today whenever I can, I will post just a few of the many pictures I took of my European vacation. I traveled to Brittany France to see my family, crossed the entire country of France and over to Freiburg, Germany and then ended our trip in London, just in time to see this city prepare for the 2012 Olympics (and then quickly head out before the madness begins!). Onto the best part of the trip: … Continue reading Dinard Center and Beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For this week’s challenge I posted pictures of the USS Growler Submarine, now a museum on Pier 42 in New York City. It floats right beside the very impressive aircraft carrier Intrepid Sea & Air Museum. The Growler is the only American diesel-powered nuclear sub open to the public. It patrolled the Pacific coast of the Soviet Union from 1958 to 1964 during the tenuous times of the cold war. 95 men lived and worked on the sub for up to three months at a time in very cramped quarters. I commend submariners for their years of service inside these giant “tin … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Finally! An Alternative Rock Station Back in NYC!

So I’m going through my presets on my car radio yesterday and was shocked to hear a song by Alex Clare called Too Close. To be honest I’ve never heard of this song but I liked it. What was most amazing however was the fact that it was playing on a 101.9, a station dedicated completely to news. I often heard from time to time when I needed to get traffic info but not much. I didn’t like the way the news was edited. If you wanted some news of substance, 101.9 wasn’t the way to go. Several months ago … Continue reading Finally! An Alternative Rock Station Back in NYC!

Cyan Skies Blogoversary – 3 Years and Counting!

This quick blog post is to simply thank those that have supported this site by both visiting and clicking on that ‘like” button, leaving a comment or even following me. When I started my blog three years ago, I started it with the purpose of connecting with family and friends, through my writing and by posting pictures. Somewhere along the line, that goal became less and less ideal. Somehow my focus for Cyan Skies had shifted and that was totally okay with me. I realized that I didn’t want to have my personal life completely exposed on the web. I didn’t want … Continue reading Cyan Skies Blogoversary – 3 Years and Counting!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

It’s great to be back into these challenges after being away from WordPress for three weeks! I was away on vacation and sorely missed the challenges. I wasn’t able to upload some images due to some hiccup with my WordPress app on my iPhone. When I got back stateside, I was able to fix the problem but by then I had missed three challenges! Bummer. In the next coming weeks I’ll post images from my France, Germany and London trip. For now, this is my entry for the week, Dreaming. I opted to go with a pseudo-infrared image. I really … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming