Genuine Blogger Award

Back in late April, Sandra Conner from Sandra Conner… By the Book nominated me for the Genuine Blogger Award. She had left the nomination on an obscure post I had put up regarding my instacanvas gallery (I have since then allowed comments on my “Who Am I?” page). I had completely forgotten about it… until recently. Sandra, thanks for the nomination and thanks for following this blog. When I created this blog over two years ago, I was just a newbie to blogging and simply wanted to share my thoughts to just a few close friends and family. Now I have some … Continue reading Genuine Blogger Award

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

For this week’s challenge, I decided to wait until this weekend was over. This being Memorial Day weekend in the United States, it’s often referred as the unofficial start of summer. When I think of summer, I think of this weekend when the masses all across America partake in various outdoor festivities like barbecues, swimming at the beaches and pools, vacationing with family, riding a bike, catching a movie or simply spending time with friends and family. This weekend also reminds us that the freedoms we now enjoy come at an all too heavy price. This is the weekend where … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Alone on the Five Boro Bike Tour 2012

On Sunday, May 6th, New Yorkers and visitors from over 32 US cities and over 64 countries participated in TD Bank’s 35th annual Five Boro Bike Tour. This was my second time being part of this truly awesome event. Days before, I had taken my bike in to the shop for maintenance. This was the extent of my pre-tour preparation. I should’ve taken the bike out months before and prepared my body for the event! Being too busy with work, I never got the chance. I decided to do the tour without any training, something that I truly do not … Continue reading Alone on the Five Boro Bike Tour 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Okay, THIS time I thought that I would really be out this week’s photo challenge. Unfocused? Who came up with that? Let’s be honest, when most of us find out that we have an unfocused, blurry shot, we immediately discard it. For me, it’s an automatic response after looking at my LCD screen on my Nikon: press delete! I NEVER keep subpar pictures. With digital technology, it’s SO easy to just take another picture. If you’re really good, you’re taking lots and LOTS of pictures in the process, electing to discard the unacceptable ones once you get home and fire up … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Stickygram Magnets!

As most of you know, I’ve been on a real Instagram kick for the past couple of months. I’ve been using my iPhone4s to take pictures of my travels and to document everything I encounter and see around me. With these little snapshots I really try and tell a story of where I’ve been. The pictures I take represent a small experience and slice of life while I’m on the road. Used in conjunction with my iPhone app, Momento, I can go back and time and not only read about, but see the places I’ve visited. One day I’ll pull … Continue reading Stickygram Magnets!