Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

This week’s challenge was an easy one for me. When I think of arranged, I thought of several things at once. I think about how I particularly arrange objects or furniture in my home to make it pleasing for myself and for others, a sort of feng shui so-to-speak. When I look about my home, there are few things I’m anal about. However, two things stand out immensely that I most care about. I am specific about how I arrange my bookshelf and DVD/Blu-Ray collection. I wish I had a dozen bookshelves to line my home with because I simply love books. For now, my tiny home office has two bookshelves which I put my most favorite books on with the rest being in storage.

This shelf alone contains the many paperbacks and hardcovers of my favorite author.
I read pretty much about anything but my favorite books to read are sci-fi and fantasy novels.

As photographers however, “arranged” means something completely different to us of course. The obvious being how we arrange or compose a shot to make it aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. We arrange shots to hopefully tell a story with one single image, a feat that may prove very challenging at times.

On this day I arranged this shot to include a prop in the picture to help tell a story of this day’s event.
A old bike in the city of Locronan, France marks the entrance to this antique shop.

Then there’s the deliberate action of actually inserting and then arranging a subject, an object or a particular prop in a picture. A while back I spent a considerable amount of time trying to arrange chess pieces and my single source of light so that I could take the “perfect” picture. Whether or not I succeeded I leave up to you. I blogged about it two years ago.

On this particular evening I set out to arrange the chess pieces for the perfect picture. Needless to say that several shots were taken to accomplish this task.
I arranged these vintage cameras for a shot to someday include in my Facebook cover page.

Then there are the arrangements we see every day at stores, shops and other locales and of course, during the holidays…

Brugal Rum on display in a store in the Dominican Republic.
I LOVE me some French butter cookies! The French sure know how to arrange their assortment of food and beverages!
Who knew the French were so much into beer!
Great arrangement for displaying rum and beer!
Beautifully carved pumpkins arranged during the yearly Great Halloween Blaze in Sleepy Hollow, NY.
Under the sea…
Halloween, a great time to arrange and display all manner of ghoulishly fun things!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

  1. Ah! I see “Diablo.” I can’t wait for the third one to come out in May (already reserved). I love the shot of the chess pieces, and just looking at vintage cameras makes me grin so thanks for that!

    1. Good catch there Lina! I love the Blizzard novels very much (Christie Golden and Richard A. Knaak among the best).

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