Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

This week’s challenge was an easy one for me. When I think of arranged, I thought of several things at once. I think about how I particularly arrange objects or furniture in my home to make it pleasing for myself and for others, a sort of feng shui so-to-speak. When I look about my home, there are few things I’m anal about. However, two things stand out immensely that I most care about. I am specific about how I arrange my bookshelf and DVD/Blu-Ray collection. I wish I had a dozen bookshelves to line my home with because I simply … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Many years ago I traveled to central France to the beautiful region of Auvergne to visit future in-laws in the small city of St. Flour, which according to the locals, was situated on the edge of an ancient lava flow. The summer of 1997 was a really special time for me as this was the year that I visited France for the first time. After traveling to the beautiful city of Paris and Versailles, we set out to the east coast towards Brittany (to the coastal towns of Dinard, Dinan and St. Malo) and Normandy (to visit Mt. St. Michel) … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  While on a trip to Quimper, France, along the highway I spotted this highly unusual house! I quickly snapped a picture as the car sped along and was able to capture a decent image (after a little editing and cropping). The house  resembles a UFO but I can only surmise that it’s actually a “green” home. The structure in front of this house is also interesting and I wonder what it’s for… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

This is one of my earliest pictures I took with my Nikon FG camera back in the mid-80’s, circa ’84 or ’85 when I was a teenager. My friends Victor and Willie look over a book while waiting for an elevator in one of the buildings of Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. Without the fancy aid of an LCD screen to look at a shot before or after taking a picture like we’re so used to nowadays, I discovered when I got the prints that I had greatly underexposed my shots. This particular picture proved to be … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast