Cuban Revolution Providence

A few months ago I visited Providence RI for the first time. I was always curious about this northeastern city and was happy to have had the opportunity to visit through my job. I have several accounts here so I’ll be traveling more often to Providence. The temperature was really cold so I restricted my walking tour to a minimum. Still, I wanted to do some exploration so I ventured out of the Biltmore looking for a bite to eat.

That’s when I stumbled upon Cuban Revolution, a Cuban-style restaurant in the heart of the city. I say “Cuban-style” because being half Cuban and having tasted lots of authentic Cuban food in New York City and in various parts of Miami, I felt that this establishment came close to the mark in producing delicious Cuban food but with their own spin to it to make it just a tad different and not wholly authentic.

I came in three times during my stay, twice for dinner and the other for lunch. The first dish I ordered was a restaurant staple called Cuban Picadillo Revolution: ground pork with cinnamon, tomatoes, Spanish olives, raisins, and slivered almonds over white rice, served with “maduros” (sweet, ripe plantains) and buttered garlic toast. I have never tasted anything like this before but it was very delicious! It was a strange assault on my tongue (in a good way). The cinnamon and almonds really gave it unique taste. A cocktail to wash it down did me in for the night.

Cuban Picadillo Revolution

For lunch on another day, I ordered a typical but very tasty “pressed” sandwich. Simply called the World’s Best Cuban Sandwich, this hearty sandwich is stuffed with roast pork, ham, salami, Swiss cheese, pickles, mayo and mustard. It’s served up with their own Cuban bread. The order came with sweet potato fries and my mojito completed the meal. This version of a Cuban sandwich was light and not overly filling as previous ones I’ve had. I wouldn’t go overboard and call it The world’s greatest Cuban Sandwich however.

“World’s Best Cuban Sandwich”. I don’t know, although it was good, that’s a pretty bold statement!

In the evening, this place was packed! I had to wait quite some time for a table to open up. The place was very lively with a great slice of people from different backgrounds and walks of life enjoying a late night dinner with friends. On another night, it wasn’t so crowded and a DJ was present, pumping some really loud music. I would’ve preferred to listen to some old-school Afro-Cuban music from the likes of Celia Cruz or even Johnny Pacheco (although he’s Dominican). That would’ve made it too authentic for their tastes I suppose.

Lacking my trusty camera, I was left to taking pictures with my iPhone 4s.

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