Subaru’s Google Maps Street View Car

I recently returned from my first time trip to Boston (the first of many) and on my way to Boston Logan airport, driving through Quincy, lo and behold I saw a strange sight. I saw a Subaru with a tall pole mounted on the roof with some sort of red globe at the end. It was a quick look as I drove past and immediately realized it was a Google car, specifically, a Google Maps Street View car. The “globe” on top was a special camera which allows for taking of 360 degrees panoramic pictures. Stopping abruptly to park somewhere, I walked to the car and asked the driver if I could snap a pic. She was so friendly and urged me to go ahead and do so.

I’ve always known that Google had cars driving around streets all over the world, taking pictures of streets but I’ve never seen one. These pictures have to be taken during the day but also when there’s little traffic on the roads and few pedestrians about. It’s not as easy as it looks. The time I snapped these two pics was about 12:26pm. The driver was just sitting there waiting for something. She was looking at the laptop that was mounted on the dash. The interior of the car was also crowded with equipment.

I wish I had stayed longer to talk to her and ask her a few questions but I was actually parked illegally by a bus stop. Fearing a ticket (I’m a magnet for those) and rushing to catch my flight I said my thanks and went about driving to the airport.

4 thoughts on “Subaru’s Google Maps Street View Car

  1. I felt like I hit the lottery or something. These sightings are so very rare. By the way, it was a woman driving the car and running the show!

  2. Say! A buddy of mine drives one of those street spectacles! It’s got the “mast” and everything. He just started, so he’s still getting used to the whole show.

    BTW, I found your blog when searching for pictures of that car. I like your site, the name of it, and the fact that you mention books. I might just stick around . . .

    1. Why thank you for dropping by Olivia (“paperwork pansy” – love that)! I have a little bit of everything on this blog but due to work, I’ve been posting only pictures. Glad you like it.

      As for the Google Maps car, I thought it was pretty neat. Your friend is going to get a lot of double-takes and questions galore!

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