Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Several years ago when my daughter was a toddler, I used to take her to the park almost every day to play after work. On this particular day, I took her out to ride her new tricycle. This new tricycle attracted many other children in the park and they would often go up to her (quite boldly) and try to ride the trike. Being a teacher at the time and seeing a “teachable moment”, I asked my highly dubious two-year old to share her trike with another child. As you can see from the photo, we BOTH regretted that decision! … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Subaru’s Google Maps Street View Car

I recently returned from my first time trip to Boston (the first of many) and on my way to Boston Logan airport, driving through Quincy, lo and behold I saw a strange sight. I saw a Subaru with a tall pole mounted on the roof with some sort of red globe at the end. It was a quick look as I drove past and immediately realized it was a Google car, specifically, a Google Maps Street View car. The “globe” on top was a special camera which allows for taking of 360 degrees panoramic pictures. Stopping abruptly to park somewhere, … Continue reading Subaru’s Google Maps Street View Car