Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

The hare jumps over the turtle in Van Cortlandt Park, NY on a snowy, winter afternoon.

Winter is my least favorite season as it brings in the cold and the occasional snow, causing havoc at times on the roads and at home. Shovels come out and the digging begins, salt and kitty litter is spread generously, and gas-powered snow blowers blare through the day, cascading flakes into the air.

Still, it’s a time when everyone huddles close together, warm at home while sipping on frothy hot chocolate or some warm seasonal tea. For the adventurous types and young at heart, it’s a time for skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and sledding down “treacherous” long hills.

Winter ushers in the holidays and to be quite honest, Christmas just doesn’t feel quite right without the snow on the ground. Winter has made a warm entrance this year in the northeast and I for once, was a little sad about it but I quickly got over it.

When we get the first snowfall of the season, I like to take a quiet walk towards the nearest park and enjoy the stillness of the day as the snow falls upon this beautiful city that I love.

The city is quiet as the first snow falls upon the city streets.

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