Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

This week’s photo challenge is a pleasure to share. As we all know, the word “family” has many different meanings. When I think of family I think of course of my immediate family, which in this case, is very small. But equally important to me are my in-laws in France, my cousins and aunt in the Dominican Republic, and last but by no means least, my dear friends from my childhood and my recent new-found friends. I just couldn’t select one picture that represents family to me so instead, I’ve added just a few.

My wonderful and utterly sweet mother-in-law and her children, my extended family in France. Daniel (center), may you rest in peace.
The grandchildren (great-grandchildren off picture).
Seating such a large family for dinners, birthdays, holidays, and celebrations requires some creative furniture arrangements!
Three… is a magic number….
My older brother and twin.
My family in the Dominican Republic.
My “brother” and “sister”, Gina and Tony from Colorado Springs.
My long time “brothers & sisters” and “mom”.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

    1. That’s right Cardinal! I LOVE Colorado Springs and try and visit there whenever I get a chance. I went ahead and created a Colorado Springs page to the site. I hope to add more pictures in the future.

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