Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

After being away on vacation for a week, I wanted to squeeze in last Friday’s photo challenge before the new one is up. I love this particular photo challenge as I’m a big advocate for having a hearty breakfast everyday. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for me. My breakfasts typically include a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee along with a bagel. My favorite breakfast however is corn beef hash and eggs with home fries. Today’s photo is of my friend’s homemade waffles served up in Colorado Springs. My friend Tony is a fantastic cook and anything he makes is simply fantastic … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Which Camera to Take to Disney World: DSLR or Compact?

Tomorrow I head off to Disney World with my 9-year old daughter. This trip will be a first for the both of us. I am super excited and so is she. I’ve read a lot and seen a lot regarding Disney World but it’s not the same as being there. This whole experience is completely new to me and I have no idea what to expect. I want to both enjoy the first time experience but also preserve these special memories. I have decided to take a camera along but I am now faced with a serious dilemma: do I … Continue reading Which Camera to Take to Disney World: DSLR or Compact?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

This week’s photo challenge required a lot of thought. I sifted through all my photos to find one that best matched the word, “wonder”. I found that perfect photo when I searched through pictures of my daughter during her first trip abroad to France. She loved all the new sights, sounds, smells and even palate (that girl even out ate me!) that the French culture had to offer. After a very long flight (trust me, 8 hours is long enough but with a crying child, it’s an eternity!), it was time for a long 3-hour train ride to Rennes. After … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

While strolling the San Cristobal fort in Puerto Rico, I stopped to gaze out this “window” and admired this beautiful city. Years later I remember now quite vividly the sights, sounds and even the old musty smell of this fort. I thank my friend Jocelyn for giving me the tour of the country she calls home. It was my first and only trip to Puerto Rico and I hope to return again someday. I thank my previous employer for sending me out there in the first place. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows