Bike New York’s Gen2 Nutcase Helmet

Nutcase Gen2 Street Sport Helmet courtesy of Amazon.

I was in the mood for a new bike helmet these past few months when I recently received an e- newsletter from Bike New York. As I scrolled down the email, an image grabbed my attention. I saw a picture of a girl wearing a helmet from Nutcase ( It was a limited edition Bike New York helmet in the Gen2 style. It sported Bike New York logos on the sides and red bike icons with large NY initials on front and back. I instantly liked it!

Clicking on the link took me to the Nutcase website. There I found a whole collection of helmets. They offered three different street collections (Gen2, Super Solid and Little Nutty) as well as water, snow and moto collections. I loved the Gen2 collection, with 32 helmets to choose from. Some of the helmet designs were really cool while others were definitely not my style (watermelon?).

Note the different color to this helmet than the one purchased.

The Super Solid collection comes in 10 colors and are just… plain. I wish there was an option to paint designs on the solids. I can envision awesome possibilities with those.

I attempted to order the Bike New York helmet but upon checkout saw the $15 S&H charge, bringing the total over $90. I’d rather walk into a store and save the shipping fee. I cancelled instead and called their Shop of the Month, Adeline Adeline (coincidentally located in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood). Looking at the pictures, the shop looks really nice and I was looking forward to visiting. Unfortunately when I called, they said that they didn’t carry the Bike New York helmet. Really? A shop located in NYC and no Bike New York helmet? Epic fail.

I went to the site that has never failed me: The online store had the helmet listed at $75 but with NO S&H fees if you go with their free Super Saver Shipping (5-8 business days). I placed my order and paid the obligatory taxes, rounding the total to $81.28.

A few days later I received my item. I opened the box and saw the helmet neatly packaged. Also inside were three sets of removable low-density polyurethane foam liners, wrapped around a neon green Nutcase wristband with the words “i Love My Brain” written on it.

They really like taking care of our brains!

I ordered the L/XL size (what can I say, I have a big brain). Being used to my old bike helmet (you know, those half shell types), I thought that this was very huge on my head and instantly thought of returning it. After some reflection, I ignored that initial reaction. Although I didn’t exactly measured my noggin’, I feel that this is the right size. According to their sizing chart, anything over 23 7/8″ or 61cm is L-XL. Regardless of the size, the helmet fit me snugly and perfectly. The helmet is very well constructed. I really like the reflective logos and thought of adding stickers that I can place beside them. The actual color of the helmet had more of a gray/silver hue to it (see picture of girl above) where as the photo on their website has the helmet with a light beige look to it.

I love their patented Anti-Pinch magnetic buckle, making putting on and taking off this helmet a breeze, even with one hand. Adjusting the straps was very simple. There are plenty of vents all around this helmet and the padding inside is comfortable. On the back of the helmet is an adjustable spin dial that allows for a very precise fit.

As a casual urban rider, this helmet is just right for me. I am very pleased with this purchase.

(All images not taken by me are courtesy of

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