Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

The path through the Broceliande Forest in Brittany France.

I discovered the Foret de Broceliande over four years ago while on one of my frequent trips to France. This time we decided to explore the area around Rennes in Brittany and came across this beautiful forest in the French commune of Paimpont. It is said among the locals that a number of adventures from Arthurian legend took place in this forest and that the tree in which the Lady of the Lake imprisoned Merlin can still be seen today. Speaking of Merlin, a few meters from this very spot is supposedly Merlin’s tomb.

Merlin's Tomb.

It was told to me that nowadays, modern day witches often meet here during moonlit nights and perform clandestine albeit harmless pagan rituals. The day was spent walking through this forest and its many paths, well into dusk.

The many paths in the Forest of Broceliande.
One path we took led us to this large area of stacked stones with notes of offerings and wishes (so it was rumored) by unknown individuals.
Soggy letter to who?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  1. Thanks all! Really having fun with the Weekly Photo Challenges and trying to tell a story around a particular photo or photos.

    1. Ah, Nantucket Tie Chic, I took the worn and most often traveled path… It did lead me to those mysterious stones however 😉

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