Bike New York’s Gen2 Nutcase Helmet

I was in the mood for a new bike helmet these past few months when I recently received an e- newsletter from Bike New York. As I scrolled down the email, an image grabbed my attention. I saw a picture of a girl wearing a helmet from Nutcase ( It was a limited edition Bike New York helmet in the Gen2 style. It sported Bike New York logos on the sides and red bike icons with large NY initials on front and back. I instantly liked it! Clicking on the link took me to the Nutcase website. There I found … Continue reading Bike New York’s Gen2 Nutcase Helmet

My Memories of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

On September 11, 2001, I was working at JPMorgan Chase Metrotech Center in downtown Brooklyn, literally across the Brooklyn Bridge. I worked with a team of Audio/Video technicians who were busy setting up equipment for a very important and large conference. I heard of the first plane crashing when my wife called. When the second plane hit, it dawned on us that this was no accident and that America was under attack. I remember feeling very upset and felt the visceral panic that had settled among my coworkers. Despite the chaos happening in NYC that morning, my manager wanted us … Continue reading My Memories of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

Life in the So Called Space Age: School Supplies

So I’m standing in line holding what seems like a veritable load of school supplies for my daughter’s classroom and I wonder why I’m doing this. Every year, parents everywhere take massive delight with child-like glee in sending their child(ren) off to school. I am reminded of that classic Staples commercial where a father is happily getting supplies as his children watch with glum looks on their faces while the song, Most Wonderful Time of the Year plays on. But coupled with that delight comes the dread of having to go to your local office supply store, whether it’s Office … Continue reading Life in the So Called Space Age: School Supplies

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

I discovered the Foret de Broceliande over four years ago while on one of my frequent trips to France. This time we decided to explore the area around Rennes in Brittany and came across this beautiful forest in the French commune of Paimpont. It is said among the locals that a number of adventures from Arthurian legend took place in this forest and that the tree in which the Lady of the Lake imprisoned Merlin can still be seen today. Speaking of Merlin, a few meters from this very spot is supposedly Merlin’s tomb. It was told to me that … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Path