Goodbye 101.9 RXP – Radio truly SUCKS now!

I am LIVID!!!

Just today I discovered that 101.9 WRXP in New York City is no longer on the air. I am truly VERY depressed about this. This station was permanently set on my car radio, on my living room receiver and on my bookshelf stereo system in my home office. The station and its DJs were fresh, new and totally cool. I loved driving to work, often long hours listening to Matt Pinfield and Leslie Fram. On those office days where I worked from home, I loved listening to the 90s at lunch, reliving those classic tunes that brought so many fun memories.

Now that the station is off the air, where will I go to get my dose of indie rock, alternative rock, and old school new music? NONE of the other stations come close to the incredible amount of quality, fresh music that these guys played. It’s a rare station that is able to play U2, Morrissey, Two Door Cinema Club, Stone Temple Pilots, The Naked and Famous, Depeche Mode, Foster the People, The Cure, Beastie Boys, Bob Marley, Coldplay and Cake side by side. Who can accomplish such a rare musical feat over the air?

No one!

Music is such a personal choice which connects us, moves us, motivates us, lifts us up and makes us smile. It makes us tap our feet, sing out loud even if we can’t carry a single tune to save our lives or shake our body in total abandon no matter whose watching us. Music makes us happy and we feel alive for it. RXP stirred such raw emotions. I was able to appreciate the new, up and coming artists and reminiscence about the old ones who are still making some great music. Other stations were not hip or cool enough to play these great bands. Their format wouldn’t allow it. Instead they continue to drown in such banal music and lyrics – top 40 crap. Yeah, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it. Almost every one of my friends complains about the lack of good music on the radio these days. RXP was one of the last vestiges of great radio out on the airwaves. Who will step in and fill this void? Who will replace RXP and provide that format for indie rock and new artists to shine?

The last time I felt so sad about losing a radio station was when 92.7 WLIR went off the air a couple of years ago. I grew up with that station and all my memories were directly linked to the music played on that station. This is where I discovered Depeche Mode, The Clash, The Cure, Joy Division, The Smiths, New Order, Roxy Music and a host of other “New Wave” artists and later, other alternative rock bands during the 90s and post 2000. I listened to the last broadcast with such melancholy. Alphaville’s “Forever Young” played one last time before turning over to a Latin radio station. The horror.

I didn’t get to hear the last few hours of RXP but listening online where it now lives, I heard the last few minutes of the last broadcast where the last song that was played was The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony“. A woman called in, crying and truly heartbroken. Her emotions no doubt mirrored many of our own all over New York City. I will miss RXP. I am sad to see it go. It was fun while it lasted. I’ve listened to streaming music online before but it was always a fleeting endeavor. Now will always play in the background while I do my work (even as I write this post, AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” plays on my browser). Maybe they can get a deal with iHearRadio so I can listen on my iPhone. If RXP ever went to satellite radio, I would seriously consider subscribing. One can only dream.

By the way, if you tune in to the “new” 101.9 FM NEW, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I can’t bear it.

Thank you RXP for the great tunes and memories. I will miss you during my drives to and from work but your music will live online and will persevere. Rock on!


November 14, 2012

101.9 New Rock went off the air again last week. I have no further comments on this radio station. I give up!

12 thoughts on “Goodbye 101.9 RXP – Radio truly SUCKS now!

  1. Amen… I was just about to complain to them myself. Tuned-in the 1st day on the air, by accident. I was hooked. The 1st year was perfect,the 2nd year got too commercial, too many contests, talking, etc. This year: SUCKS. Goodbye to what could have been a phenomenon….JG

  2. Very sad. I just found out about it. My friend complaint to me about the music format on July 17th, but I didn’t give me much thought. I drove to PA, and was wondering what was going on on my way back, when I was in the belt parkway. I then called the station to ask them if they knew that there was another station interfering with their signal. It was then that I found out. It’s very sad; no more Steve, Matt and Lesley, or Brian. The new format is just totally bland. Bring back RXP pls!

  3. I thought i was going crazy, so it actually did leave oh my god this really sucks, first it was 92. 3 K-Rock Now 101.9 RXP. what on earth is wrong with the New York radio stations don’t they understand we need rock, do you know how much i miss the 90s rock. I to myself listen to the station everyday. But what I don’t understand is why did it leave? this suck. i understand is online and its cool but nothing compares to the feeling hearing it on your radio when everyou want is not the same. I hope it comes back, when we hear music that we can finally relate to is something we like to stick with, since in our daily lives sometimes things don’t turn out the way they should at the end of the day you turn on your radio to your favorite station and listen to music, muisc has a great in impact in our daily lives for sure thats what 101.9rxp did for me. it will be miss i hope it comes back.

    1. I know Nilda (by the way, that’s my aunt’s name in DR and I haven’t seen that name anywhere else)!

      I would like to know the reasons why it went off the air. It possibly couldn’t be about sponsorship and revenue. I can only surmise that they were doing alright in that area but who knows. I am very doubtful it will return. Perhaps another station can pick up the format but that also is highly unlikely. It seems that satellite radio is the only way to go nowadays to get the music that we really want. I’m STILL bummed out about it.

    2. Jeez 92.3’s downfall really hurt, the ultimate hurt when I turned it on to find a pop station. I don’t get it, as soon as I live NYC area, every town with 500 people has 3 different rock stations for all tastes of it (metal, alt, classic) Now we have none!? There are people listening to rock, people who don’t even let on because it doesn’t fit their outward style or appearance, people who you’d swear and who wouldn’t let you know they didn’t listen only to rap and trip-pop, can sing along to modern alt and classic rock songs like journey, fact of the matter is good music is good music and timeless…

      But I guess every radio station has to get a count like MTV or it isn’t worth it…

  4. It does suck that they are off the air, I will miss them.

    Oh and just to let you know Cyan that there is an iPhone app, just search for rxp, they’ve had that app for over a year

  5. NY radio sucks. I miss my WRXP!.. I was depressed for weeks after they killed the best radio station ever! Radio is dead. Long live rock!!

    1. I know! Now if they can only keep it on the air by mixing it up and bringing more new/indie artists and music. SO happy about this.

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