Supermarket + Instagram = Fun

There are plenty of photographic opportunities at your local supermarket.

I hate food shopping, even more so with the significant other. When I food shop on my own, I’m equipped with a short list. I have an objective to accomplish. My motto has always been “go in and go out”. It pretty much applies to a lot of what I do. With these supermarket trips however, I usually wind up following her as I drag the cart around, with little input at times as to what goes into it. Let’s face it, veto power is totally in their hands. I feel like some sort of man-servant who’s relegated to simply grunting and putting stuff in the cart at her every whim. No fun at all.

To make the time go by, I usually fool around with my 9-year old daughter (who is in the same boat as I am and would like nothing better than to be home with me – ditto baby, ditto…). We try out the various tasty samples of food and drinks offered (today we tried different types of natural jam on pieces of bread) or sometimes play hide and seek along the aisles. We often go into small debates as to which cereal is better (I’m partial to Cap’n Crunch and Fruity Pebbles while she loves the peanut butter flavored Cap’n Crunch). Fun times.

Today while I relinquished control of the cart, I read on my iPhone. Of course, my daughter wanted to commandeer it so we compromised: I showed her how to edit pictures on my iPhone using Adobe Photoshop Express and Instagram. We had fun and time did go by a little quicker as we composed shots and edited them. It grabbed her attention for the majority of the time. That is until we rounded the corner and hit the mint-flavored water samples a supermarket employee was giving out in tiny cups.

I continued to take pictures and here are just a few.

My daughter and I were tempted to try out one of these right on the spot! I love carrot cake cupcakess while she opts for the red velvet cupcakes.
I just LOVE olives!


In all my years in the Dominican Republic, I've never heard of this coffee. I must try it out someday.

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