Tilt-Shift Photography

A couple of weeks ago I started getting excited about a new Photoshop trick to implement on a couple of my photographs. I am not a Photoshop expert by far and hardly use the program with my photography. I stick with Aperture to make the subtle tweaks and enhancements to my pictures but try to avoid even that whenever possible.

I picked up the October issue of Digital SLR Photography (British magazine) at my local bookstore and on page 15, I saw a very striking image of London’s Big Ben. It was an aerial photograph of the iconic clock tower but through some trickery, it was made to look like a miniature. I liked the picture a lot and was very intrigued as to how this effect was done. The photo was taken by Glenn Karlsen and in the article, he talks about using Photoshop to create “miniature” (tilt-shift) photography. The article also mentions that Nikon’s new D3000 camera has a built-in feature which allows you to create tilt-shift photography.

After searching through youtube, I found a couple of neat videos describing the process (pretty simple really). I then began to scour the thousands of photos on my computer that were most suited for this trick. I found one which was a throwaway picture I had taken years ago of a building in the neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City. I was perfect.

Following the tutorial, I think that I managed to produce an adequate looking miniature effect. For my first try at this, I am pretty pleased with myself!

Would LOVE to read your comments but please forgive me if I'm unable to respond at times...

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