NYC Greenway (Manhattan Waterfront)


Yesterday I decided to drive to my old neighborhood of Inwood (upper Manhattan) to look for the elusive entrance to the NYC Greenway Manhattan Waterfront. I’ve been meaning to take a ride on this Greenway for the longest time but every time I was in the neighborhood, I could never find it. This time I drove and parked my car on Dyckman near the old marina and took a walk with my camera. I was determined to find it today. The day was stunningly beautiful and all along the streets, many people milled about. Dyckman Street was closed to traffic (three blocks) and open to the mostly Dominican residents to enjoy the food, free concerts and street vendors.

20090905_Dyckman_Greenway3I ran into three bicyclists and asked them where the entrance to the Greenway was located. They were near the marina close to the baseball fields overlooking the Hudson River. They had no clue where the entrance was as they themselves were looking for it as well. I gave them my best estimation as to where it might be possibly located and they rode off. Remembering the map from NYC Bike Maps website, I had a basic idea as to where it was located. When I finally got to the location, I ran into the three bicyclists again and they assured me that they had found the spot. I stood at Riverside Drive and Staff St. and took my picture.

I walked towards the underpass and saw on my right a low set of curving stairs leading up. Once up top, I was literally hugging the northbound Henry Hudson Highway. Walking a little more, the bike path was very narrow but only a couple of yards, the path widened.


I was very pleased at finding this entrance. I will make it a point during this Labor Day weekend (or when school starts) to take my bike as far as I can and make it back in time to pick up my daughter from school. I hope this blog post will prove to be useful for anyone else looking for the entrance of this bike path.

Would LOVE to read your comments but please forgive me if I'm unable to respond at times...

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