Homeless, Puppies in Paris

Homeless man and his two puppies on the streets of Paris.
Homeless man and his two puppies on the streets of Paris.

I’ve decided to start posting some of the many pictures I take with my new dSLR Nikon camera. I own the D90 with the 18 – 105mm kit lens as well as the 55 – 200mm VR lens. I’ve been taking pictures for years since I was a teen (a lifetime ago) and have always used the Nikon and Canon brands. I learned photography using 35mm film cameras like the Nikon FG and Nikon F1. When I moved on to digital years later, I exclusively used the Canon G-series (the last one I owned was the excellent G8). For the plunge to dSLRs, I briefly owned the Nikon D60 but quickly sold it and got the D90 instead. I am having a lot of fun with this camera and learning quite a lot as well.

I often go to France quite a lot as my wife is French and all of her family is still there. When we go, we  usually stop in Paris and then make our way into Brittany the very same day, opting to tour Paris on our return trip back to Charles de Gaulle airport. We usual stay a day or two before heading home. This past April however, we stayed in Paris for two days before heading to Dinard to see the in-laws.

Having taken plenty of “touristy” pictures during my past trips to Paris, I decided to take a different sort of pictures. I just wanted to experiment and take ordinary pictures of Parisian life, its people, food and architecture. I encountered this homeless man several times throughout the city, as if he was moving from spot to spot with his paper cup and two sleeping puppies by his side (come to think of it, they were always sleeping when I saw them). I asked him for permission to take his picture (I speak very little French so I showed him my camera and he nodded his approval) and tossed a few coins in his cup.

After a few tweaks, cropping and turning the original into black and white, I like it very much. Here’s the other shot I took.


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