Sigma BC 506 Bike Computer

Sigma BC 506 mounted on bike handle.
Sigma BC 506 mounted on bike handle.

Last weekend I purchased a much needed bike computer. As a first time casual rider, I wanted to keep track of the time spent, mph and most importantly, total number of miles traveled. After looking online for a suitable computer, I finally opted to go with my bike shop’s suggestion.

First and foremost, two things I must cover before going into details on the bike computer. If you want to purchase this item or any other similar item, I suggest you purchase it online! Last Saturday I asked the very helpful and friendly sales clerk at County Cycle Club to suggest a bike computer for me. He immediately suggested that I go with the “cheaper” model as the other models had stuff that most people don’t even need or bother to use (e.g. cadence meter). In that regard, he was 100% correct. I wanted basic and no frills. He suggested the Sigma BC 506. Here’s the whopper: I asked him how much and he said it was $34.99. Ok, a little steep but I figured it wasn’t that bad. I later found out otherwise. When I got home, I checked (why oh why did I do that?) and found the same model for
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Harry Potter and the Alzheimer’s Bowl

(Note: No disrespect to the people and their families that suffer from this terrible disease)

dumbledore_pensieveI watched the latest Harry Potter film this weekend  and came away from it somewhat pleased. Like the previous movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, this movie was directed by David Yates (known mostly as a British TV director, rising to fame after taking on the Harry Potter movies). He will also direct the final two movies of the Potter series, something which I particularly don’t really care for. It is my opinion that the studio is desperately trying to cash in on the last book and have the fans pay twice for a single story. Why not make the last movie three hours and be done with it? Chris Columbus was the perfect director for the first two films, keeping the pacing just right and being the most true to the novels.

My problem with the current movie (and the previous one) is the fact that so much has been omitted from the book. I get it. It’s a movie, not a book. “The book is always better than the movie,” yadda yadda yadda. I understand that it is a completely different medium and that many times the written word doesn’t translate well onto the screen. Things HAVE to get cut. I get it.

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Her First Solo Bike Ride

Today I bought my daughter, Cyan, her second bike but this time without training wheels. It is a 20 inch, Schwinn “Stardust” bike suitable for her size and age. She was very excited at the prospect of possibly learning how to ride today. We were helped by one of the store clerks, Andy, as he picked out a bike for my daughter. She got on the bike and felt very comfortable. Andy gave her a few pointers on how to start learning how to ride and even demonstrated for her (she giggled at his large frame on her small bike). Being that she’s been riding her little scooter for quite some time now, he said that she already should know how to balance herself. He gave her until the end of July to really master how to ride her bike.

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First Bike – First Blog!

Giant Cypress (Black/Gray)

This is my first public online blog so I figured that start off by talking about my new Giant Cypress (Black/Grey) bike. As I get more comfortable with the whole blogging thing, I will post more stuff of substance. For now, this bike is really a big deal for me.

I am 41 years old and I haven’t owned a bike…. ever. I’ve always borrowed bikes from friends but never owned one. Living in New York City for most of my life, taking mass transit to get anywhere was good enough for me. Only on one occasion I remember riding my friend’s bike all through upper Manhattan amidst traffic. That was a lifetime ago. The thought of doing so now only fills me with dread as the streets are more congested and dangerous then they were in my youth.

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